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March 1, 2006

Mach Industrial Group and Capitan Overlay Technologies Inc. have agreed to form an alliance to jointly pursue work in the clad and overlay materials market

Mach Industrial Group is North America’s premier manufacturer of pipe and weld fittings produced from clad plate, and Capitan is recognized world wide as a leader in the overlay products industry. This alliance enables Mach and Capitan to operate as one entity from the quoting stage, through the manufacturing process and ultimately until the products are delivered to the customer. Experience in the clad and overlay market has consistently shown that a combination of the two processes are required to satisfy almost all project requirements. Mach and Capitan’s manufacturing facilities are perfectly complimentary in their mutual capabilities to satisfy every requirement for this industry. By working in this partnership, Mach and Capitan eliminate the obstacles or logistic redundancy that our customers would face in dealing with two manufacturers on the same project. Two sales group, two facilities and two separate processes unified and operating as one to satisfy every need for clad and overlay products. Strategically located minutes from each other in Houston Texas, Mach and Capitan offer the total package when your needs call for corrosion resistant overly and clad products.

Contact Tom E. Malone @ Capitan Overlay Technologies 281-552-3600
Kenneth Pollock @ Mach Industrial Group 713-695-6000

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