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New Alliance - Bristol Metals & Mach Industrial Group

December 7, 2012

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Bristol Metals, LLC and Mach Industrial Group, LP are excited to announce an alliance that brings over 120 years of combined experience in the manufacture and fabrication of welded pipe, ttings and related products. This alliance capitalizes on areas of specialization enjoyed by each company…Bristol as North America's largest and most diverse manufacturer of stainless steel and high alloy pipe and Mach as the leader in the specialty pipe, heavy wall, high alloy and quick delivery markets. The combined capabilities of this alliance are unrivaled in North America. In conjunction with Bristol's strong positions in the nickel, duplex and stainless welded pipe markets and fabrication, Mach brings vast experience in chrome, titanium, carbon, aluminum, clad, as well as stainless, duplex and nickel alloys. The geographic location of the two manufacturing facilities provides a logistical advantage to industry centers across North America and the global marketplace. Both companies will continue to operate as separate entities and not as a partnership or joint venture. The alliance provides the customer with the convenience of single source purchasing, AML coverage, and the condence that their delivery and specication requirements will be met. For further information, please visit or